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Sharia Supervisory Board

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Sharia' Supervisory Board of Bank Audi Egypt

Ensuring continuous control and development of our Islamic Banking Services, Bank Audi works under the control and advisory of an internal sharia' audit team and one of the most trustable and recognizable sharia' supervisory boards. Banking solutions, contracts, investment activities and all transactions related to our Islamic arm are all ensured to be fully sharia' complaint.

Sharia' Supervisory Board Members

Dr. Nedham Yaqoobi - (Chairman)
Dr. Nedham Yaqoobi is a Sharia' scholar from Bahrain, an internationally renowned consultant and a Sharia' expert of Islamic Finance Law. He is also a member of the Central Bank of Bahrain Sharia' Council, AAOIFI Sharia' Council, Islamic Rating Agency, Dow Jones Islamic Index Sharia' Board, and many other Islamic financial and banking institutions.

Sheikh Nedham has been teaching Islamic law and related subjects in Bahrain since 1976 and has given lectures all around the world. He was recently appointed adjunct professor of Islamic Law and Finance at the International Islamic University Malaysia..

Dr. Mohamed Nabil Ghanayem - (Member)
Dr. Mohamed Nabil Ghanayem is one of the leading figures in Sharia’ in Egypt and Arab world. Dr. Ghanayem has a career spanning over 50 years where he has advised numerous banks, regulators, and institutions. He has authored over 50 books and researches in Sharia’ and Islamic Fiqh and supervised more than 500 hundred Master and PhD theses.

Currently, Dr. Mohamed Nabil Ghanayem is a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, member of Al Azhar Sharia’ Scholars Committee. He also serves as Sharia’ board member in Egyptian Gulf Bank besides being the Vice President of Sharia’ Board in The Financial Regulatory Authority.

Dr. Khaled Al-Fakih - (Member)
Dr. Al-Fakih, Former Secretary General and CEO of AAOIFI, holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Saint Joseph, Beirut-Lebanon, MBA in Banking and Finance. He holds Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Financial Services Auditor (CFSA), and Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM), and Certified Management Accountants (CMA).

Dr. Al-Fakih is a member of the Islamic Banks Committee of Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) since 2007. He was a member of both “Venture Capital & Islamic Securitization” and “Islamic Corporate Governance” study group at Lebanese Central Bank (BDL) in 2007.

Dr. Al-Fakih has lectured the principles of Fiqh Al-Mu’amalat at Islamic University of Beirut/Al-Sharia' College for several years, and has delivered seminars in different countries in collaboration with IMF, ABL and Union of Arab Banks; covering major Islamic topics such as: Principles of Islamic finance, Structured Finance, Risk Management and Audit.