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  •  Islamic Time Deposits

    Islamic Time Deposits

    Our Mudaraba time deposits offers you competitive profit returns on your deposits through investing in diversified Sharia' complaint activities to maintain stable returns.
  • Islamic Certificate of Deposits

    Islamic Certificate of Deposits

    Our Mudaraba Certificates of deposits are tailored on your preference of your long-term investment needs along with your expectations of higher returns on your investment.
  • Wakala Time Deposit

    Wakala Time Deposit

    Free your mind and earn competitive returns on your deposits by investing in our Wakala Term Deposits from Bank Audi Egypt offering variable tenures and investment currency options.
  • Wakala Certificate of Deposit

    Wakala Certificate of Deposit

    Enjoy higher and periodical returns on your deposits through investing in Bank Audi (Egypt) Wakala Certificates of Deposit.