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An Islamic Finance concept that is governed by Sharia' principles. It is a contract between a bank and its client, by which the bank purchases goods and then sells them to the client at a price that includes a profit margin. The contract requires specific installment payments to the Bank. This arrangement allows the bank to avoid charging interest, which is forbidden under some interpretations of Sharia' principals.


Mudaraba is a partnership in which one party (Rab al Mal) provides the capital and the other party (Mudareb) provides work/management. The profits are pre-set based on an agreed formula.

Commodity Murabaha

The product is designed to finance Corporate and high-net-worth retail customers to provide their liquidity needs by trading commodities in international markets.


Istisna’a is a contract in which a buyer purchases an item for deferred delivery. The item must be described in detail and construction must fit set specifications. Usually, an Istisna’a contract is made for specially made items. For example, one may make a contract to build a factory or villa for a client.


Ijara is an agreement between two parties, one being the owner of the asset, who gives possession of the assets for the use of the other party, the hirer, on an agreed rental over a mutually agreed period. It is also defined as transferring the usufruct of a particular property to another person in exchange for a rent claimed from him.