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Treasury and Capital Markets Group

As the international scene becomes more and more competitive, finding innovative and creative solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs is Bank Audi’s biggest challenge and at the same time, a competitive advantage in the industry.

At Bank Audi, we place a full spectrum of products and services within our clients’ reach. Our ever-growing and diversified client base includes governmental entities, corporations, SMEs, affluent and individual clients.

Treasury products and services range from plain FX market coverage to more sophisticated financial solutions, helping customers hedge and better manage their market exposure in both local and foreign currency.

Bank Audi Treasury is made up of an experienced team with extensive market information, systems and technology, deep knowledge of local and international markets as well as a wide branch network that enables the Bank to give customers an outlook and in-depth technical / fundamental analysis of each product.

Among Bank Audi’s products and services you’ll find:

Fixed Income Products

Bank Audi provides debt securities in both local and foreign currencies for governmental, corporate, SMEs, affluent and individual clients in both primary and secondary markets:
  • Treasury Bonds
  • Treasury Bills
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Islamic Sukuk
  • Floating Rate Notes

Money Market Products

The Money Market desk manages the Bank’s liquidity, Gaps and Interest Rate Management to ensure optimal cost of funding for the Bank and best deposit rates for its clients:
  • Time Deposits with special rates for large treasury accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Call and Savings accounts
  • Repos and Reverse Repos

Foreign Exchange

The Treasury team provides FX currency coverage including Plain Vanilla, G5 currencies and a widespread coverage of most Arabian currencies (especially GCC) both through the onshore and offshore markets;
  • FX Spots
  • FX Forwards
  • FX Swaps
  • FX Options and Derivatives (in process)
  • Structured products (in process)