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Bank Audi’s commitment to support businesses in the Egyptian market has come in line with the “Global Transaction Services” department’s aim to offer unique digital banking services, cash management products, Trade Finance advisory services and operational business support to companies of all sizes and industries. Our goal is to support your business through innovative products and services that fit your company’s needs and helps you achieve your business plans without worrying about the banking part.

The main functions under GTS department are:

Cash Management & Digital Channels
A wide range of products & solutions that cover your company’s cash management needs either globally or locally through innovation and convenience. We want your banking experience with Bank Audi to be a unique experience so we have tailored all products and services with your company’s business interest in mind.

Payments services

Audi Business Online Portal
The Audi Business online portal was developed on four main business pillars:
  • Simplicity: Simplifying your day to day business transactions with Bank Audi
  • Convenience: Offering your company a convenient time efficient channel
  • Transparency: Providing your company full transparency on all banking activities
  • Control: Giving you increased security and improved control on your transactions

Features & services

Balance monitoring
  • Web based portal accessible through any computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet
  • Accessible 24/7 whenever needed
  • Monitor real time account balances for your company, its subsidiaries and sister companies under one login
  • Easy access to all transaction activities and historical movements
  • Access to a wide range of reporting options

Transaction Management
  • Internal transfers between own accounts
  • Local and international payments and transfers
  • Bulk file upload service for payroll files
  • Print swift confirmations

Other services
  • Cheque book issuance
  • Secure email offering a safe and secure communication channel with Bank Audi
  • Wide variety of file format for extracted reports and movements

Authorization Structure & Security
Your Audi Business online portal is created and designed to be flexible in order to accommodate any company structure or type and all your needs as follows:
  • Multiple levels of makers and checkers as defined in your commercial register
  • Company structure can be amended at any time reflecting any change in your company’s commercial register
  • AOL allows the assignment of specific and limited privileges/account access to each user. Users can be defined as ‘inquiry only’ with view only rights or as ‘transactional’ users with the right to transact on the system.
  • Secured with hard token OTP “one time password” for your security
  • Accessible through:

E-finance Governmental Payments

Pay your company’s Customs, Taxes & Nafeza payments either through cash payment over the counter in any Bank Audi branch or online with the “Corporate Payment System” eCPS portal.

We provide your company with a customized online portal where you can pay directly any payment from the comfort of your office to facilitate all your governmental payments needs through a secured reliable channel. A web access is provided to assigned person(s) from your company to access the portal and settle any payment. Payments appear on the spot at the governmental entity side making sure your never miss a payment deadline. The system will also enable you to view and print historical payment reports in order to provide you with convenient reconciliation and tracking tools.

Corporate Deposit Card

One of our newest Cash Management products under the GTS department the "Corporate Deposit Card" which will enable your company to safely credit funds in Egyptian pound through any Bank Audi ATM 24/7 and during weekends without the need to visit any of our branches.

The Corporate Deposit Card will enable your company to have better management of its cash flow regardless the size of the company without being committed to the branches working hours. The issuance of the Corporate Deposit Card is free of charge through any of our Bank Audi branches with the availability to issue more than one card based on your company's business needs.

Cash Delivery & Cash Pickup services

Now you can safely request cash transport from your Bank Audi accounts and have it delivered to your company premises for any payments or cash needs. We also provide your company with a fast and safe cash collection service where an armored carrier transfers the funds from your stores, outlets and offices to deposit them safely and securely to your Bank Audi business account. Contact us now to get the full range of prices & areas based on your cash management needs.

Broker Prepaid Card

The Broker Prepaid Card is a reloadable card, which provides our brokerage companies with an easy electronic solution to transfer funds, dividends and sales commissions to their clients. The cardholder can receive payments using the Broker Card to withdraw his funds.
Trade Finance
A team of dedicated experts providing your company with full trade advisory services, international trade solutions and a wide range of support tools for all traders and industrial companies in the import and export fields.

The GTS Trade Finance Department operates on serving your company through the following Trade Finance products:
  • Import Letter of Credit
  • Import Documentary Collection (Issuance FORM-4)
  • Export Letter of Credit
  • Export Documentary Collection
  • International / Local Letter of Guarantee (Bid Bond / Performance Bond / Advance Payment)
  • FX Deals that related to Trade Transactions
Customer Service (BEST) “Business Easy, Service Transactions”
Our dedicated BEST team is committed to provide your business with high quality service, fulfilling all your service requests related to borrowers and top trade finance clients in addition to Cash and Trade transactions and providing you with the needed support to take your business to the next level. Our commitment is to support your business, facilitate your daily operations and provide information and services needed to address all inquiries regarding our products. In addition, they deal with and help resolving customer complaints.

For more info, please visit your nearest Bank Audi branch or contact BEST team on +202 3534-3737 or e-mail for trade finance & cash management services.

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