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Providing Securities Services to Stock Investors dealing in the Egypt Stock Exchange. Capital Market & Investment department works on Easy Transactions Concept and is your Capital Market Products Expert Consultant.

Capital Markets Products

  • Custody : Bank Audi acts as a custodian in the Cairo Stock Exchange local market. It is a Book-Keeping system that organizes and controls the relation between Stock Buyers and Sellers. Through this system, Bank Audi organizes the trading cycle to guarantee the rights of all stakeholders.
  • Margin Trading : Bank Audi is a pioneer in this activity and has excelled in financing the stocks purchasing orders for its esteemed clients.
  • Bank Audi Funds:

    *Money Market Fund:
    • Bank Audi Money Market Fund is an open-ended, EGP denominated mutual fund with daily liquidity investing in short-term money market instruments such as treasury bills, bank deposits, and short-term fixed income instruments with no investments in equity. Individual and institutional customers can invest in the fund who are targeting short-term Investment horizon, a need for a flexible and highly liquid cash management tool and a low appetite for risk with a higher yields.
    • Money Market Fund return is considered to be net of taxes, provided that fund is investing in Fixed income instruments only.
    • The Fund is managed by EFG Hermes Asset Management.

    *Izdehar Fund:
    • Izdehar is a balanced fund, investing in the Sharia-compliant Stocks with a maximum exposure of 60% of its assets, as well as in the deposits and Sharia-compliant income instruments, whereas the circulation in subscription and redemption takes place on weekly basis within the different branches of Bank Audi Egypt.
    • Izdehar Sharia Board consists of elite Scholars in Islamic Sharia and Jurisprudence in Egypt and the Arab World.
    • Investors including Egyptian, Arab and Foreign individuals and legal entities are welcomed and have the right to subscribe in Izdehar Fund.
    • Izdehar has successfully achieved a return rate of 34.22% in 2017, keeping its leading position among the Balanced Islamic Funds in 2016 with a return rate that reached 35.04%.
    • The Fund has also achieved the highest cumulative returns among all the Islamic Funds throughout three years 2015, 2016 & 2017 with a return of 76.6% total.
    • Izdehar has been awarded the “Best Balanced Fund” and “Best MENA equity fund under 75 Million Dollar” awards of the year 2017 by MENA Fund Manager Performance Awards during its annual festival held in Dubai, end of January 2018.
    • Izdehar has been awarded by Investor Review Magazine in the United Kingdom as Egypt's Best Islamic Balanced Fund for 2016 performance.
    • The Fund is Managed by Acumen Asset Management.

  • DVP (Delivery Versus Payment):
    • DVP involves very short term up to 5 days financing of brokerage company for either the period for which shares are sold on behalf of the client, but payment has not been received via Misr Central Clearing Settlement Depository (MCSD), or the period between which shares are purchased, but for which payment has not yet been received by the client.
    • DVP is financing Institutional entities trading only in Buying/ Selling stocks provided with transactions invoices.