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Our website ( includes cookies that we use to ensure for our customers and other users of the website the most effective website possible.

This cookie policy (the “Cookie Policy”) gives you an overlook on what cookies are, how they are used on ( and what advantages they bring.

Please be informed that Bank Audi Egypt is not responsible or liable for: (i) the content of other websites you may have access to through links contained in our website, (ii) any of their policies, including cookies policies, or (iii) any other terms governing the use of any information you submit or other privacy practices or data protection.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer, smartphone or other device through which you access the internet by a website’s server when you access a website. Cookies enable our website to recognise your computer or device for the purposes detailed below.

Similar technologies may provide some of the functions that are achieved by the use of cookies. This Cookie Policy refers to 'cookies' throughout, however is to include these alternate mechanisms.

How cookies make our website safer and easier to use?

Cookies make this website easier to use and better for customers and other users of the website who visit it regularly. These cookies help us identify the preferences of our customers and other users of the website and how we can improve your experience when using our website.

Which cookies are used on our website?

Please read below an overview of the cookies we use on our website:
  • ‘Functionality cookies’, which are used to personalise content for you, store some of your preferences and temporarily carry information between pages on our website so you don’t have to re-enter this information every time you visit the website in order to offer you a better experience and make our website simpler to use.
  • ‘Analytic cookies’ which allow us to analyse how our customers and other users use our website to understand how we can improve it. ‘Analytic cookies’ store information about the pages you visit, the way you got there, the time you spend on our website, what you click on and whether you have visited the website before.
  • 'Load-balancer' cookies, which are essential to ensure performance of the website.

How can you manage your cookies?

Generally, web-enabled devices, most computers and smartphones are set-up to accept cookies. You can at any time amend your cookie preferences for this website through your browser settings if you wish so. Your browser's “help” function will tell you how to do this.

However, cookies are often used to enable and improve certain functions on our website. Turning off cookies is likely to affect how our website works.