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Founded in 1830 and registered in 1962 as a private joint stock company with limited liability, Bank Audi sal is one of the oldest financial institutions in the Lebanese market. Bank Audi sal offers quality universal banking products and services in Lebanon, Turkey, MENA Region and Europe covering Corporate, Commercial, Individual and Private Banking services to a diversified client base mainly in the MENA region and Turkey. Bank Audi tops Lebanese banks as per major banking aggregates and stands among the top Arab banking groups. In addition to its birth in Lebanon and its historic presence in Switzerland and France, Bank Audi offers its quality banking and financial services in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi (through a representative office), Monaco and Turkey, and Iraq.

Bank Audi Group’s main purpose is to achieve consistent growth through meeting customers’ banking and financial needs and connecting them to opportunities and delivering long-term sustainable value to all stakeholders.

Bank Audi’s expansion strategy focuses on 3 major markets, namely Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey, where Bank Audi caters an array of services to more than 1.3 million customers served by more than 7014 top-tier and professional employees, with focus onCorporate and Commercial Banking, Retail and Individual Banking, and Treasury and Capital Markets activities. Moreover, Bank Audi offers its Private Banking services through working hand in hand with a distinctive network of 23 banks and financial institutions located in 13 countries across the MENA region, Turkey and Europe.

The Group’s growth strategy continues to revolve around enhancing the efficiency of its Lebanese entities while developing its subsidiaries abroad in a way to ensure their significant contribution in the growth of the Group’s consolidated assets and net earnings starting 2015.

Today, the Group enjoys a highly differentiated and innovative profile, characterized by:
  • A universal banking profile with core businesses focusing on commercial and corporate banking, retail and individual banking and private banking.
  • A strong proven expertise and management vision towards achieving successful expansion on the regional and international level.
  • A sustained strong growth track record, robust financial standing and large financial flexibility.
  • Firm risk management philosophies combined with best corporate governance practices, alongside the latest in strategic planning systems.
  • A diversified shareholder base encompassing a selection of the most prominent regional and international investors and international institutions.

On this note, Bank Audi’s management remains committed to its ambitious expansion strategy while staying focused on capitalizing on the important cross-border flows between the Near East, MENA and Turkey, aiming to develop a fully integrated pan regional group in terms of presence and growth in all regional markets.

Group Consolidated Activity Highlights (As at end-September 2020)
  • US$ 35.2 billion in total assets
  • US$ 26.5 billion of total customers' deposits
  • US$ 8.5 billion of total loans to customers
  • US$ 3.0 billion of total shareholders’ equity

Bank Audi Egypt:

Bank Audi sae launched its operations in the Egyptian market subsequent to the acquisition of Cairo Far East Bank sae in March 2006, where it was able to establish its standing amongst the strongest banks in the market and developed its direct presence through establishing a branch network comprising more than 53 branches, as opposed to a mere 3 branches at the time of acquisition. Bank Audi sae capital was raised in 2006 to USD 100 million and witnessed incremental increases until it reached USD 347 million in December 2015.

Bank Audi Egypt’s success and noticeable excellence since its launch in the Egyptian market can be traced to a variety of factors, most notably:
  • A committed team and its belief in the shared values of the bank, and working together to provide customers with expert advice, insights and financial solutions.
  • Highly diversified and well-balanced business models, operating within a clearly defined footprint, in addition to a diverse geographic spread in the Egyptian market.
  • A growth strategy with a clear focus on three pillars: meeting customers’ expectations and needs and catering top quality products and services,; introducing new innovative channels and systems to cope with the latest technology trends in banking; and deploying an inventive new branch model that will ensure the enrichment of customers’ experience.

The Bank’s successful business operations are based on a comprehensive banking model which includes top-quality services, for example: Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Capital Market services, and Bancassurance.

In addition, Bank Audi Egypt blended it’s corporate values into all of its operations, through embedding its core values in the latest technologies in pursuit of meeting customers’ needs and maintaining their confidence. Moreover, Bank Audi Egypt utilizes the latest technologies in banking delivery channels, including an ATM network that reached 167 ATMs at strategic locations, in addition to an array of services delivered by the Call Center to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, Bank Audi is constantly on the lookout for the latest advancements in banking in pursuit of a modern and unique experience for customers.

One of Bank Audi’s main competitive strengths is its prominent Board of Directors in its present form, which mirrors the bank’s keenness to maintain shareholder’s equity and develop their long-term return on investment. Bank Audi’s current Board of Directors consists of 8 members – most of which are non-executive members – in compliance with the best corporate governance practices, chaired by Mr. Hatem Ali Sadek (Chairman).

In addition, the Board of Directors consists of the following members: Mr. Mohamed Bedeir (CEO and Managing Director), Dr. Imad Itani, Mr. Khalil El Debs, Mr. Hatem A. Sadek and Mr. Mounir Fakhry AbdelNour.

Bank Audi Egypt Key Financial Highlights:

Bank Audi sae is driven by an uncompromising mission to build lasting relationships with clients who share our aspiration for being partners by mutual choice.

We see a key part of our contribution to this affinity partnership being based around the added value provided by our striving for professionalism, innovation, and quality of service and through the sharing of information, in applying our knowledge and abilities to meet the changing financial service needs of our clients.

Below are Bank Audi Egypt’s key figures for the past few years, which reflect the notable achievements under stressful economic conditions both in Egypt and regionally.

As at end of Dec.
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Mar-20
Total Assets 11,491 15,677 17,796 18,889 22,650 30,572 37,257 55,194 55,795 68,401 75,265 74,867
Total Loans & advances 4,878 7,111 7,883 9,395 10,784 12,635 18,456 29,986 29,396 31,182 26,078 26,589
Customer deposits 9,467 13,715 15,697 16,218 19,773 27,183 32,052 45,538 47,373 59,149 65,494 65,043
Net income before tax 137 225 206 438 551 663 904 2,496 1,326 1,707 1,845 385
Net profit 107.2 174.6 127.5 251 371 445 586 1,883 1,021 1,267 1,403 264
No. of Branches 29 32 32 32 33 34 37 43 46 46 53 53
No of ATMs 80 79 72 81 89 102 113 128 147 148 169 167

Year 2019 compared to the previous year:
  • Total assets growth of 10.03%.
  • Customer deposits growth of 10.73%.
  • Loans & advances growth rate of -16.37%.
  • Net profit growth of 10.73%.

Maintaining a selective and steady strategic market share positioning.

Bank Audi sae Market share
Developments as at end Dec.
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 September 2019
Total Assets 1.22% 1.36% 1.31% 1.34% 1.55% 1.50% 1.39% 1.16% 1.26% 1.23%
Total loans & advances 1.57% 1.62% 1.83% 1.98% 2.03% 2.34% 2.32% 2.01% 1.72% 1.48%
Customer Deposits 1.45% 1.60% 1.49% 1.51% 1.75% 1.68% 1.65% 1.43% 1.56% 1.49%