Protection Shield

  • “Protection Shield” Service is a new service presented from Bank Audi to the credit Cardholders, covering the outstanding amount on the credit card in the unfortunate event of death.
  • Bank Audi “Protection Shield” is currently being provided through Allianz Life Assurance Company Egypt.
  • “Allianz” is one of the worldwide leading insurance companies, started its operations in the Egyptian market back in 1976.
  • The "Bank Audi Protection Shield" is an optional insurance cover (available to customers from 21 to 65 years of age) which covers the outstanding amount on your Bank Audi Credit Card in the unfortunate event of death up to a maximum amount of EGP 750,000.
  • The "Bank Audi Protection Shield" monthly fee is 0.06% of the outstanding balance on your Bank Audi Credit Card, with a minimum of EGP 5 and a maximum EGP 250.
  • Example: If total outstanding balance is EGP 10,000, then payable premium fee = 10,000*0.06% = EGP 6 monthly premium fee due.

  • All eligible customers will be automatically enrolled in the "Bank Audi Protection Shield".
  • In case you wish to unsubscribe and receive a full refund of the premium fee debited, you must do so within 90 days from the date of enrollment into the program (1st of January 2018), and hence latest by ( 30th of March 2018 ) . If you unsubscribe after 31st March 2018, then the bank will not be able to waive the Fees already debited. To unsubscribe, please call the Bank Audi 24-hour Contact Center at 16555

For Any Further details please Call 16555

The Below Death incidents as are not Covered by the protection shield service :
  • Suicide
  • Death resulted from Radiation Leakage
  • Death resulted From WAR.

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