Bank Audi - Egypt adds “Meeza” card features on its debit and credit cards

09 Jun 2019
Mohamed Bedeir: Bank Audi- Egypt aims at supporting the development of electronic payment system in Egypt by reducing dependency on Cash, in addition to promoting Financial Inclusion by targeting new customers.

Bank Audi-Egypt adds new features of “Meeza” card "New national e-payment card" to its wide array of credit and debit cards. This comes in alignment with the National Payments Council's and Central Bank of Egypt's initiatives towards a cashless society.

New features will allow clients to shop online locally, execute transfers, settle government payments, perform cash withdrawals from ATMs, as well as purchase through merchants who have point of sale terminals "PoS."

Mohamed Bedier, acting as CEO and Managing Director of Bank Audi commented: "The Bank has taken serious steps towards supporting Financial Inclusion in light of Egypt's efforts to develop electronic payment system." Bedier also added that launching “Meeza” card features on current Bank Audi’s cards is a push for digital transition in the Egyptian market. As Audi's Cards will be accepted for payment through any governmental bodies whether point of sale machines (PoS) or websites.

Bank Audi has a wide range of competitive credit and debit cards with exclusive benefits and rewards. The Bank provides the best banking services and products in the Egyptian banking sector through its branch network comprising 48 branches in Egypt.

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