Very Small Business Loans

Applying for a loan from Bank Audi to finance and grow your business has never been simpler!
Your project grows faster with Bank Audi, the easiest and simplest way to get very small business loan with a bank account statement

In line with Bank Audi's strategic direction and central bank directives, Bank Audi is proud to offer the latest retail banking products from Bank Audi: Very Small Business Loan

Bank Audi offers SME financing solutions with the best retail banking features to ensure the fastest time to study in the market and the least documentation without the need for approved budgets.

Very Small Business Loan is not only limited to cash financing, it is a multi-purpose financing solution that supports clients to achieve their various goals and aspirations. The bank provides a wide range of financing programs that meet most of the needs of customers, including industrial and non-industrial sectors, companies, professional offices, contracting, medical services, petroleum and other commercial and industrial activities of all types The customer shall have the freedom to choose how to benefit from the financing whether by pumping the amount into the paid capital, purchasing equipment or machines and other various purposes

In addition, Bank Audi is uniquely positioned to provide service through an integrated team that is dedicated to providing a unique service that extends beyond the funding

Advantages of Very Small Business Loan:
  • Financing up to 3 million Egyptian pounds
  • Repayment period of up to 60 months
  • Available for companies with a sales volume of between 1 million and 10 million Egyptian pounds
  • Fastest corporate finance procedures with fewer documents to meet your needs
  • Cash financing as well as purchase equipment and supplies for your company
  • Flexible financing for commercial, industrial and medical activities
  • Developing your activity is the focus of our dedicated Team
  • Multiple current account features & benefits
  • Quick and simple procedures
  • After sales service: 24/7 customer service center
  • Audi online services are free of charge
  • Financing prices and competitive terms

Required Documents:
  • Very small business loan application form.
  • Original or stamped copies of 12 months business bank statements.
  • Copy of a valid national ID or valid passport For All Partners
  • Company Initiation Contract
  • Valid & recent commercial register
  • 12 month's business bank statement
  • Form signed by all partners approving the borrowing in the company name
  • In case of purchasing equipment's: Price quotation is required

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