Financial Institutions & worldwide correspondents

The Financial Institutions is in charge of all relationships with Correspondent Banks (CB) and Non-bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs), locally and internationally.

The Correspondent Banking is one of the core areas at Bank Audi sae, engaged in financing international trade transactions, facilitating payments & transfers beyond borders for its retail, corporate and institutional clients. Additionally, the department is involved in dealing with interbank transactions including foreign exchange & capital market activities and derivatives. Moreover, CB is responsible for establishing Nostro accounts, other operating & investment accounts, brokerage transactions and finally participating in international syndicated loans. CB works with the clients to understand their unique requirements and the complex issues that impact their business.

In addition to capitalizing on Audi Group financial strength & historical relationship, Bank Audi sae has a large network of Correspondent Banks in the Middle East, Europe, Americas , and Asia , covering over 150 countries, ensuring a professional handling of all kind of transactions.

Non-Bank Financial Institutions is a newly established unit under the FI responsibility, in charge of managing relationships for financial services’ providers such as Insurance Companies, Brokerage firms, Asset Managers, ….

NBFIs supports these segments in managing their liquidity, commercial transfers, trade finance, cash management, special tailored made products, and all other banking requirements & needs.

List of Major Correspondent Banks

MashreqBank PSC National Bank of Kuwait
Standard Chartered Bank Commerzbank AG
The National Commercial Bank Deutsche Bank AG
Union de Banque Arabes et Françaises-U.B.A.F. Wells Fargo Bank NA
JP Morgan Chase Bank  

List of Countries

Albania Gambia Nepal Tunis
Algeria Germany Netherlands Turkey
Argentina Ghana New Zealand U.K.
Armenia Greece Nigeria U.S.A
Australia Guatemala Norway UAE
Austria Guernsey Oman Uganda
Bahamas Haiti Pakistan Ukraine
Bahrain Hong Kong Palestine Uruguay
Bangladesh Hungary Panama Uzbekistan
Belgium Iceland Paraguay Vatican
Bermuda India Peru Venezuela
Botswana Indonesia Philippines Vietnam
Brazil Ireland Poland Zambia
British Virgin Islands Italy Portugal Zimbabwe
Brunei Jamaica Puerto Rico
Bulgaria Japan Qatar
Cameron Jordan Romania
Canada Kazakhstan Russia
Cayman Islands Kenya Rwanda
Chile Kuwait Saudi Arabia
China Latvia Senegal
Costa Rica Lebanon Serbia
Cote D'Ivoire Lithuania Sierra Leone
Croatia Luxembourg Singapore
Curacao Macau Slovakia
Cyprus Macedonia Slovenia
Czech Republic Malaysia South Africa
Denmark Maldives South Korea
Dominican Republic Malta Spain
Ecuador Mauritius Sri Lanka
El Salvador Mexico Sweden
Estonia Moldavia Switzerland
Finland Monaco Taiwan
France Morocco Tanzania
Gabon Mozambique Thailand

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