In line with its long-standing commitment to sound governance, the Board of Directors of Bank Audi Egypt continued, in 2016, to give significant consideration to the Bank and the Group’s Governance practices. As in previous years, it monitored the genuine implementation of the Governance Guidelines and revisited a number of governance related policies and charters, further articulating some and adopting new ones as necessary to continuously enhance the effectiveness of the framework. Changes introduced to the Governance framework of the Bank during 2016 (and 2017 to date) include the adoption, review and/or update of a number of Governance, Compliance and Risk-related policies, notably the adoption of a new “Code of Ethics”. As usual, the Bank also continued to monitor the evolution in Governance related regulations and best practices in order to ensure that the necessary changes are introduced to its own guidelines and processes. Bank Audi’s Board is satisfied that the Bank’s Governance framework conforms to applicable directives and guidelines and is adapted to the Bank’s needs and to the high expectations of its stakeholders. The Board is also satisfied that, in 2016, it has fully discharged all its responsibilities, as mapped in its yearly rolling agenda, and has acted on the recommendations of its committees that also substantially discharged all of their own responsibilities.
The Bank’s approach to corporate governance practices is in line with The Central Bank of Egypt’s Corporate Governance regulations issued in 2011 and in accordance with the principles of sound governance practices set out in Audi Group’s Corporate Governance Guidelines.
Key documents and policies which form part of the Corporate Governance framework and highlight the Bank’s significant commitment to corporate governance are set out below.

Corporate Governance Guidelines Code of Ethics

CSR Policy Conflict of Interest Policy Whistle Blowing Policy Disclosure Policy

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