Bank Audi Egypt takes its responsibility to create value for the community and all of our stakeholders very seriously. To demonstrate this, the Board of Directors and Bank Audi Management are committed to leadership when it comes to sound governance, which they consider as the defining element of the bank's identity and corporate culture. The Board recognizes sound Corporate Governance to be the foundation of a well-managed institution and the key driver of sustainable growth. In this pursuit, the Bank has streamlined its governance structures and processes in all areas of its business to ensure integrity and fair dealings in all its activities. 

Bank Audi has designed policies and procedures in line with the highest standards of ethical business conduct, transparency, corporate accountability and professionalism in an effort to enhance business prosperity and safeguard the interests of all stakeholders. To this end, the bank fosters a culture of openness by promoting its values and Code of Ethics to its employees and all other stakeholders. Bank Audi also applies this to its practices, in which debate and constructive criticism are encouraged and the appropriate system for reporting misusage of authority and improper activity is established. Herein, the Bank adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards those who violate the Code of Ethics and conduct.

One way we sought to build on and preserve this culture is by issuing the Corporate Governance Guidelines, which were approved by the Board of Directors on March 18, 2013 and are being regularly reviewed to ensure alignment with the latest regulations and sound governance practices. The Corporate Governance Guidelines constitute a key building block of the Bank’s governance framework. They are comprehensive and address matters such as Board responsibilities, structure (composition and size) and functioning, Directors' qualifications and independence, the Board’s access to members of Management, as well as remuneration and nomination principles.

Pursuant to this approach, the Corporate Governance framework guides value-driven decision-making and control of Bank Audi Egypt through a system that is defined by the following elements:
  • Strategic oversight
  • Operational planning
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Performance-related compensation
The Bank’s approach to corporate governance practices is in line with The Central Bank of Egypt’s Corporate Governance regulations issued in 2011 and in accordance with the principles of sound governance practices set out in Audi Group’s Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Key documents and policies which form part of the Corporate Governance framework and highlight the Bank’s significant commitment to corporate governance are set out below.

Corporate Governance Guidelines Code of Ethics

CSR Policy Conflict of Interest Policy Whistle Blowing Policy Disclosure Policy

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