As in previous years, the Board of Directors has exerted, during 2016, every effort to promote the success of Bank Audi by supervising and directing its affairs and by regularly reviewing management performance and monitoring the achievement of objectives. It has also given a particular attention to prudent and effective controls in a year characterized by important challenges that entail effective risk assessment and management.

The Board is thus satisfied that, in 2016, it has fully discharged all its responsibilities, as mapped in its yearly rolling agenda, and has acted on the recommendations of its committees in a way to meet its obligations to its shareholders and to all other stakeholders. Changes introduced to the Governance framework of the Bank during 2016 (and 2017 to date) include the adoption, review and/or update of a number of Governance, Compliance, and Risk-related policies, the “Compliance/AML/CFT Board Committee”, and the adoption of its charter.

As usual, the Bank also continued to monitor the evolution in Governance-related regulations and best practices in order to ensure that the necessary changes are introduced to its own guidelines and processes.

Bank Audi’s sae Board is satisfied that the Bank’s Governance framework conforms to applicable directives and guidelines, and is adapted to the Bank’s needs and to the high expectations of its stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Guidelines Code of Ethics

CSR Policy Conflict of Interest Policy Whistle Blowing Policy Disclosure Policy

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