Corporate & Commercial Banking

Bank Audi sae Corporate Banking Department is the primary asset generating backbone since the Bank launched its operations in 2006. Corporate Banking offers various services and a diversified range of products as well as project finance. It covers all the main Egyptian business sectors geographically through a well-designed organizational structure and a team of professional experts. These high professional standards have been reached through ongoing training and development programs to ensure stability, in-depth experience, as well as sharing and transferring know-how to the Bank’s second and third tier line management.

Products and Services

Bank Audi sae Corporate Banking Department extends a wide range of diversified corporate products making BAEGY an active player in almost all of the large-size deals financing in the local market showing its strong innovative spirit and skills to cater to specific needs and adapt to market conditions.
The Bank’s range of products covers two major types of corporate products: Specialized Financing Products and Supporting Corporate Products.

Specialized Financing Products

  • Working Capital Finance:

    Bank Audi stands by its clients in financing everyday operations, meeting financial obligations and operating efficiently. The Bank also offers assistance in the form of Working Capital Overdrafts, Short-Term / Revolving Facilities, on top of the usual Receivables Finance and Inventory Finance.
  • CAPEX Finance:

    Financing new and existing projects through medium and long-term financial packages is part of the Bank’s most important corporate products which support clients’ business growth while boosting the Egyptian economy.
  • Syndication and Project Finance:

    Bank Audi’s Syndication team has actively and selectively participated in the most significant local market projects’ transactions and some of the international ones as well. They have gradually upgraded and enlarged the Bank’s role in recent syndicated transactions, adding another area of strength to Corporate Banking.
    The Bank aims to become one of the key players in the field of project finance and syndicated loans in Egypt in the years to come and expand its capacity of providing global services and executing large ticket transactions.

Supporting Corporate Products

  • Trade Finance:

    Bank Audi carries out extensive finance operations services and is known for its high level of expertise. Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantees are among the products where the Bank relies on highly qualified dedicated teams as well as an international presence.
  • Cash Management:

    Bank Audi offers basic cash management tools in an innovative manner. Its in-house cheque clearing system facilitates their collection within branches and local banks. The Remittance Service unit facilitates money transfers within Egypt or to foreign correspondents.
  • Capital Market/Foreign Exchange:

    Bank Audi’s Dealing Room offers the best services by making foreign currencies available at the best exchange rates in the market. It also assists in hedging foreign exchange rates through many products.
  • Corporate Accounts Services:

    • Corporate Current Account
    • Corporate Call Account
    • Corporate Time Deposits
    • Corporate Certificates of Deposit
    • Custody Service
    • Money Market Fund
    • Corporate Payroll
    • E-banking
    • Electronic Customs and Tax Payment (e-payments)

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