Global Transaction Services

The Global Transaction Services Department is the client service and transactions partner. offers integrated Cash Management, Trade Finance, Capital Market Services as well as FX services addressing customers’ complete business cycle while creating a solid Bank/Client relationship.

GTS department works on Easy Transactions Concept and is your Products Expert Consultant.

Cash Management Products and Services
The Cash Management Unit helps you better organize business processes, develops technical corporate treasury solutions, increases operation efficiency, optimizes your working capital usage and assists you achieving greater returns on company volatile assets.

GTS Cash Management Products Unit works on Easy Transactions Concept and is your Cash Products Expert Consultant.
  • Cash Payments Services
    • Own Account Online Funds Transfers
      With the user-friendly Audi Online platform, you can transfer funds between your Bank Audi accounts for efficient and easy reconciliation with reports inquiry tools.
    • Bill Payments
      Customs and Tax Payment
      BAEGY provides you with an Electronic Payment service to pay your dues of Customs and Taxes on behalf of your company, thus saving you time and minimizing risk.
    • Cash Delivery Services
      Providing a secure and insured service by using an armored carrier to safely transport cash from your bank accounts and deliver the cash to your company premises for payroll and direct vendor payments.
    • Broker Prepaid Card
      The Broker Prepaid Card is a reloadable MasterCard. It provides brokerage companies with an easy electronic solution to transfer funds, dividends and sales commissions to their clients. Whereby the cardholder can receive payments using the Broker Card to draw on the funds; meanwhile cannot add funds to the card as there is no account linked to the card.
  • Receivables Services
    • Cash Collection Services
      Providing our corporate clients with a fast and safe cash collection service where an armored carrier transfers the funds from your stores, outlets and offices to deposit the cash in your bank account.
Trade Finance Product and Services
A team of dedicated experts provides full support with technical Trade advice, international Trade solutions and problem solving for all traders and industrial companies in the Import and Export field.

GTS Trade Finance Unit works on Easy Transactions Concept and is your Trade Products Expert Consultant.

Serving the following Trade Finance products:
  • Import Letter of Credit
  • Import Documentary Collection (Issuance FORM-4)
  • Export Letter of Credit
  • Export Documentary Collection
  • International / Local Letter of Guarantee (Bid Bond / Performance Bond / Advance Payment)
Capital Market and Securities Services
Providing Securities Services to Stock Investors dealing in the Cairo Stock Exchange.

GTS Capital Market Products Unit works on Easy Transactions Concept and is your Capital Market Products Expert Consultant.
  • Custody:
    Bank Audi acts as a custodian in the Cairo Stock Exchange local market. It is a Book-Keeping system that organizes and controls the relation between Stock Buyers and Sellers. Through this system, Bank Audi organizes the trading cycle to guarantee the rights of all stakeholders.
  • Margin Trading:
    Bank Audi is a pioneer in this activity and has excelled in financing the stocks purchasing orders for its esteemed clients.
  • Money Market Fund:
    Bank Audi Money Market Fund is an open-ended, EGP denominated mutual fund with daily liquidity investing in short term money market instruments such as treasury bills, bank deposits, and short-term fixed income instruments with no investments in equity.

    Individual and institutional can invest in the fund who are targeting short-term Investment horizon, a need for a flexible and highly liquid cash management tool and a low appetite for risk.
MMF products are exempted from taxes
  • Ezdehar Fund:
    • Is an open ended Islamic Shariaa complying balanced fund.
    • Ezdehar Shariaa board is one of the most repeatable names in the market.
Customer Service and Remote Channels
GTS Customer Service is committed to provide business banking clients with a high quality service, handling customer’s service requests and complaints related to Trade and Cash transactions.

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