Payroll Account

Payroll is an electronic salary payment solution designed by Bank Audi to provide staff members of all institutions with fast and timely salary payments.

  • Through the Payroll Automated System, Bank Audi settles employees’ monthly salaries (bonuses, raises, etc.) as per the amounts set by the company
  • The payment will be done automatically by debiting the company’s account at Bank Audi and transferring the credit amounts to each employee

What are the benefits?

Payroll Benefits – For Companies
  • Saving time and efforts for hassle of monthly salary processing and payment
  • Reduced time, effort and administrative work
  • Reduced risk and error probability in terms of cash
  • e-Finance program, which provides Electronic Collection Services to the Ministry of Finance through an e-Payment system that offers collection service for Taxes and Customs duties through Bank Audi
  • Different account schemes {Current Account - Call Account}
  • A wide range of investment products {Time Deposit – Market Fund – Treasury Bonds}
  • Global Transaction Service {Trade Finance – Cheques – Remittance, etc.}
Payroll Benefits – For Employees
  • 24/7 access to your Bank Audi account
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Access to Bank Audi and non-Bank Audi ATMs with the Visa and MasterCard logo
  • Cash Withdrawals according to your needs
  • Opening an individual special current account
  • Interest bearing account
  • Free quarterly statement of account
  • All other banking services: Chequebook, Transfers, Standing Instructions, etc.
  • Enjoying all retail products at competitive prices
    (Credit Cards – Personal Loans – Car Loans)


  • Payroll text file (Excel file)
  • Company has to send a transfer letter and a printout sheet (with all data of the ASCII FILE) to the concerned branch. The letter and the printout sheet(s) must bear authorized signatures.
  • The transfer letter should state the total amount to be transferred
  • Payroll contract signed by the company
  • Company account opening form (if company does not already have an account)
  • Company’s required legal documents
  • Employee ID, Home/ Business Proof , account opening forms and Debit Card application

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